List of Services

1:1 Coaching and Inner Guidance Package

Becoming your YOUru does not happen over night. It takes time and an ongoing commitment. A typical coaching agreement lasts a minimum of 3-4 months typically consisting of bi-weekly (2-3 hour) sessions. Each experience is unique and intuitively guided by the individual, the goal they desire, and their inner wisdom. Sessions may include any of the healing modalities below, movement, sound healing, and creative expression. This commitment will tune you in and wake up your soul!

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT)

This 3 hour session will guide you through Marisa Peer’s proven Rapid Transformation Therapy methodology using a unique integration of hypnotherapy and other modalities to regress back to the root cause of what is holding you back, guide you through releasing old limiting beliefs and replacing them with the outcomes you desire. This work is deep and transformational.

Inner Voice Facilitation

Inner Voice sessions allow you to connect more deeply to yourself than you ever have before. During the session you are tuned deeply inward using the breath to relax the mind allowing you to listen to your inner wisdom. In these sessions you will experience profound clarity, release emotional blocks, and learn to know your inner peace. This session will be sure to tune YOU into YOU and completely blow your mind.

Emotional Release Session

Are you carrying around a heavy emotion or feel like you are constantly triggered emotionally? This session will walk you through the process of releasing old stuck energy and emotions. Eckart Tolle refers to stuck energy and emotion as the ‘pain body’. After an emotional release session you will leave feeling lighter and equipped with the knowledge on how to release emotions as you are triggered in the future.

Not sure where to start or not able to afford the financial investment? Let’s talk!

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