Holistic wellness services centered around YOU.  

Become your own guru.

Meet Theresa …

My Mission

Live from my heart adding value to my life, the lives of those I interact with, and the world through philanthropic support. 

For most, their authentic or true-self is completely unknown. 

Your true-self is the purest part of you. It is the qualities that make you, YOU.  Just like the qualities of an apple are different from the qualities of an orange.  Our true-self has specific elements that make us who we are, separate and unique from anyone else.  For most people, the traits, likes, dislikes, and desires of their true-self are hidden and buried deep beneath various roles, identities, and constructs in their everyday life.   How often in the roles of your life, maybe as a parent, co-worker, spouse, or friend do you do or say something because it is what you “should” do or say, but deep inside you do not fully agree or desire the outcome?  That voice inside is your authentic or true-self battling against the everyday you.  What most people don’t know is that their authentic and true-self has an extensive amount of wisdom and power.  It is my belief that our true-self always knows exactly what we need at every moment. It is there trying to direct us to live our true-life purpose, but most people are not conscioius enough to hear and follow it.  YOUru services allow you to become aware of that inner wisdom.  The services empower you to build the muscle of listening to your inner whisper, in order to live the life you are meant to, with grace, ease, love, and peace.  With YOUru, you become your own guru.  A guru is an influential teacher and means the dispeller of darkness in Sanskrit.  By tuning into your inner wisdom, one can live an authentic life of greatness, that ripples positivity into all you do and the people you interact with.

Join me and take the time to open your heart to YOU.  

When we open our heart, we open our minds and when you focus on loving ourselves first … it ripples into all you do.

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