YOUru services center around aligning YOU with YOU to create deeper self-awareness guiding your overall well-being. YOU are your own best guru … your YOUru.

Discover, tune in, and honor YOU through …

Coaching ~ Healing Modalities ~ Inner Voice Facilitation

Meet Theresa …

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For most, their authentic true self is completely unknown. 

It is my belief that our true self always knows exactly what we need at every moment. We have an innate inner wisdom that is always trying to direct us to live with more grace, ease, love, and peace.

YOUru services empower you to build the muscle of listening to your inner whisper.  

Join me and take the time to open your heart to YOU.  

My Mission

Live from my heart adding value to my life, the lives of those I interact with, and the world through my actions and philanthropic support. 

When we open our heart, we open our mind. When you focus on loving ourselves first … it ripples into all you do.

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